Monday, February 29, 2016

A Mizuki figure worthy of all the softness

I couldn't believe it either.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you read Boku Girl?


Well, you should. It’s hilarious.


The company Native is releasing a Suzuhiro Mizuki figure, and like the title says, it has all the softness you have come to expect from Mizuki, plus, it has a little Loki Asgard there as well!

The site states the figure will be prepainted for your convenience which is… well, convenient!

And so, behold!

Resistance is futile, you will spend your money.

It's been a while since I bought a figure, so there is a chance I may get this one since it is so well sculpted, I mean really, look at the details on the figure. 

However, if we could get Loki, Mei and Fujiwara figures as well... I think I'd probably get Mei and Fuji.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's fanfiction time!

When it comes to Dragon Ball fanfiction over at, chances are you'll find that about 80% of what is published there is utter crap. If it's not a stupid self insert that's Half-Saiyan, Half-Human and Half-Namekian who can defeat all the Saiyans with his left pinkie, it's a shitty Bulma and Vegeta romance which sucks or fanfics that are trying to fix whatever the author didn't like in the worst way possible.

Point is, most Dragon Ball fanfiction sucks. A lot.

Surprisingly, the ones that manage to be good (and I admit there are actually many of them) are normally Alternate Univerese stories written to explore what if scenarios. It's in those where I've found things that are worth your time.

So I found one that caught my eye yesterday and I want to share it with you.

Name of the story is We Belong to Him by Dr Facer.

So, why was it interesting?

I think the summary alone should explain why I decided to read it, take a look at it:

Goku and Piccolo both die during the battle with Raditz. Being the only survivor, Raditz decides to take Gohan with him to raise him as a Saiyan soldier. What Raditz did not expect, was for Chi Chi to agree to follow him in this journey.
Does he have what it takes to raise Gohan?
A normal setting for Dragon Ball AU is that Raditz takes Gohan and trains him. But this story throws Chi Chi into the mix, which is something I had never seen done before. And you know what?

It works. It works very well.

The story starts with a great scene detailing how Raditz manages to survive the fight with Piccolo and Goku, and how he handles a devastated Gohan. The rest of the first chapter deals with Chi Chi's grief and what she will have to do to keep Gohan at her side.

Chapter two takes us to a planet where Raditz will train Gohan and the highlight of the chapter is all the information the author introduces, the garrison Raditz, Chi Chi and Gohan arrive to really does feel like something out ot Frieza's empire and the interactions all work well.

Chapter three brings sexy times between Raditz and Chi Chi, and yes, he's been flirting with her and it's made quite clear she had sex with Raditz before (in a story written by someone else, this fanfic is an authorized sequel) and this time they do it again. The surprising thing here is that even if the fanfic does not enter lemon territory to avoid breaking's archaic no MA content rules, the author manages to make the scene very erotic and hot as hell.

Chapter four is all Chi Chi and the team of female soldiers she is dumped with, and let me tell you this, it's probably the best Chi Chi story I have seen (not that I've seen many, though) and it's the best chapter in the story so far, it includes action, some fanservice and it gives a glimpse at what the other Saiyans are doing.
She kicks all the ass in this fanfic's chapter 4.
So yeah, this story is freaking awesome. Raditz is given tons of development and the author manages to keep him in character, same for Chi Chi and Gohan, their personalities are preserved well. The basic plot is well used and then there is the world-building, which is incredible. Frieza's Planet Trade Organization is explored and explained in ways that is right out of the source: it's done so well that this feels like a licensed Dragon Ball novel.

Something of note is the author keeps Gohan's power levels in check instead of letting the kid turn into a one man army early, and he surprisingly remembers that Chi Chi is strong, a freaking warrior princess and much more than the annoying, nagging bitch she ended up being in the anime. The author also remembers that Chi Chi is actually a very attractive woman, something that most people tend to forget (seriously guys, early DBZ Chi Chi is hot).

Very, very hot.
So, is it worth reading?

Yes, it really is; the chapters are long and detailed, but narrated in a way that you don't mind how long the chapters are. This fanfic will grab you and you'll want to keep reading more and more.


It has not updated since 2014 and there are only four chapters available, which sucks. The author is not gone however, he instead published a one shot based on some horror movie trilogy I don't know nor give a shit about (Maniac Cop or whatever), updated a Thundercats fanfic (haven't read it yet) and rewrote a story he did a few years ago (a Ranma 1/2 story, haven't read it either). The good thing is that since the author is still active then there is a chance that he will update this at some point.


Definitively, while it is a shame it's on hold since 2014, the story does the characters justice and it develops them in ways that I feel are superior to the original manga; I love what the author was doing with Chi Chi, I never read anyone ever doing something so interesting with the character and as strange as it sounds, you end up wanting for her and Raditz to end up together, their interactions are simply that good.

The original characters introduced by the author are very nice as well, the Female squadron Chi Chi ends up joining features some of the best Original Characters I've ever seen in a Dragon Ball fanfic and that's a big plus. Since the OC's authors create for Dragon Ball fanfiction are almost always terrible by default, it was a nice surprise to see that wasn't the case in this story.

And since I know you're wondering it, you can rest easy, this story isn't NTR.

So give it a chance, you may be surprised by this one if you're into Dragon Ball fanfiction.

I do wish this story had some cool fanart, though; it really deserves it.

Link to story: We Belong to Him
Link to author's's profile: Dr Facer
Chi Chi fanart by: gougetto

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I didn't know this existed.


A horror comedy full of Heavy Metal awesomeness.

I've seen the trailer.
And know I have decided that I shall own this on Blu Ray as soon as I can.

And you can't convince me otherwise. >:)

Friday, February 12, 2016

She’s just a devil woman…with evil on her mind...

Believe me, I know, but she's crazy incarnate.

One of the current manga that I am reading at the point of this writing and that has been very intense and enjoyable to read is no doubt Delusional Love by Nakamura Uzuki. 

The manga starts with a young new teacher, Kadomae Kazuma who is hired by a new high school and he is happy with the new job. He has a hot wife and a cute daughter, his life is pretty much made. But then he meets a very particular and cute girl in his classroom…

Ok, Delusional Love is a psychological horror manga that deals with your typical Yandere who wants her senpai… well her teacher in this case to notice her. And by notice her I mean she wants the teacher to go rule 34 on her while he screams that he loves her.

But wait!

The manga does have a few more things helping it stand out.

And what are those things?

Well, the female protagonist is Noeda Kanade, who is really messed up. And as you saw above, she’s also a very, very hot Meganekko-Yandere teenage girl combo with huge bazoongas who will rub one out for the audience anywhere, and when I say anywhere, I am not joking; this girl has no sexual restrain at all. The mangaka has no problems using fanservice, so our little girl will expose the goods the moment sensei dear is around.

No sexual restrain. At all.

She also has no restrain when it comes to using razors on things. 
In other words, she’s crazier than the girls in School Days put together. And no, that’s no joke.
So, the male protagonist must be interesting as well, right?

Well… more or less. Kazuma sensei has a tendency of picking up the idiot ball and running with it from his house all the way to the top of Mount Fuji and then keep going, but other than that he is a nice guy you do end up feeling sorry for.

Something of note apart from the clean and awesome art and the demented, sadistic protagonist is the scanlation group, UnchartedScanlations. They are awesome, and the credits page at the end of each chapter is always fun to read, so check their Facebook page, they have good stuff.

Also, depending on where you read this, the comments section may provide with extra entertainment. Kissmanga’s comments section so far is great in this regard.

So... recommended?

Yes, if you like this type of story, I think it really is worth checking out.

And now for the grades:

8 skulls out of 10, Noeda is very hot, but she’s the only one who shows the goods, a little more variety would have been appreciated.

Crazy Yandere levels:
10 skulls out of 10, Noeda is seriously nuts.

9 skulls out of 10, really nice to look at, a few proportion details here and there but overall awesome.

8 skulls out of 10, it’s enjoyable for the most part but Kazuma can be too much of an idiot at times, other than that, it’s a great read.