Saturday, March 12, 2016

Boku Girl 99. Is Boku Girl ending soon?

Alright, this is going to be spoiler heavy (it would be even more spoilery if I knew Japanese but I don’t) so if you don’t want spoilers then maybe you could consider not scrolling down.











Last warning, Sad Batman is begging you to stop to avoid spoilers.

He's the saddest.

I see you scrolled down anyway.

The reason why I believe Boku Girl may end soon is because of what happened in chapter 98 and 99. Those events really feel like final arc to me.

As you may know, Thor finally showed up, and his mission was to bring Loki back to Asgard.

Oh yeah, spoilers started with the sentence above, I forgot to mention that.

Anyway, it seems Loki can’t win against Thor so she makes a deal with the miniature God of Thunder and that deal apparently involves doing something to force Mizuki choose the person she loves.
And we all know Fujiwara (left) can't win this.
We all also know Mizuki has it bad for Takeru, so Fujiwara has a snowball’s chance in hell to win the Mizukibowl.

Loki’s (final?) prank involves an hourglass, and apparently Thor giving Takeru a concussion.
With his hammer.
However, it seems this hourglass has a particular, magical and very important function, which we do not yet know, however, it seems to be related to who Mizuki really loves, but I have no idea what happens when the time us up and there is no more sand.
Don't worry about Takeru. Thor has Asgardian band-aids!
By the time Takeru and Mizuki go back to school, Loki is nowhere to be found. And if I am not wrong, it seems nobody remembers her (or maybe nobody knows where Loki went), the only ones who apparently still remember Loki are Mizuki, Takeru and perhaps Fujiwara.
Loki's hourglass.
That doesn’t mean Loki is out of the picture, she’s back in Asgard looking attentively at the current events, waiting to see what happens with great interest.
And she's probably craving choclate and ice cream.
If you think about it, with Loki back in Asgard, and with that mysterious hourglass and the obvious select the person you want to be with scenario, it is quite clear Boku Girl may be ending soon. I just hope it won’t end by chapter 100 because I think it wouldn’t have enough pages to provide a satisfactory ending; I would really hate it if we get a rushed final chapter.

So let’s hope this arc gets at least three or four chapters more to unfold properly and, if it is indeed the last one, well, it was a nice series.

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