Sunday, March 20, 2016

Boku Girl 100. A new arc starts!

Not that many gender benders get 100+ chapters.
Last time I really thought this one was going to end. How could I not? Loki left, Mizuki got that weird hourglass and things had a sense of finality that was difficult to ignore. But now we have chapter 100 and it is the beginning of a new arc that, I must admit, still has the feeling of final arc to it, but not as much as the previous two chapters.

(I’d mention something about no live translations available anywhere but let’s just be patient on that front.)

So... what about this chapter stands out?

Lots of stuff, actually.

And as usual, there be spoilers ahead so proceed at your own risk!

Ok.. ready then?

Let's talk about the chapter!

For starters, Loki’s hourglass is still there and I still don’t know what the hell that thing does.
Damned Hourglass, what is your secret?
Also, Mizuki’s girls got bigger while she wasn’t looking, just because. I can’t, of course, show them here to keep this blog’s rating accessible, but you can always look at the raws.
You know you noticed the change  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What is made clear, I believe, is that because of the hourglass, Mizuki decides to, again, confess to Fujiwara, which we all know is not something Mizuki can do. Because, let’s face it; if there is one thing Mizuki really wants, is Takeru’s thing in her thing, she just hasn’t realized it consciously yet, of course. But deep down she knows that is what she wants and we all know it. As a result, Mizuki's attempts to confess/get closer romantically to Fujiwara (at least that's what it looks like) all sink like the Titanic.
I know, but Mizuki hasn't noticed this road is closed.
Finding her efforts to woo Fujiwara failing totally, Mizuki sees another student standing in a secluded place. The student is Imai Mai, also known as Morals-chan since her work as part of the student council is to enforce morals at school.
Morals-Chan. She's scarier than a Junji Ito manga.
Imai is your typical school idol who gets good grades, is popular, pretty and elegant. But this being Boku Girl, you know there is a catch. The catch is that she’s a closet lesbian who's crazy in love with Mizuki (and I mean literally crazy). Oh, and she also hates Takeru’s penis and wants to destroy it. The funny part of the whole thing is that Mizuki thinks Morals-chan wants the Takeru all for herself. So when this happens…
She's thinking about chopping off his dick.
And on top of that, this happens… (just check Mizuki’s face below, it’s going to get worse).
Mizuki doesn't like other girls near her property.
Just look at her face. Look at it. Didn’t I say it’d get worse?
Is that a cracking sound I hear?
So what does Mizuki do? Well she walks away, probably thinking it’s for the best. Later, she's walking down the street when a chocolate shop catches her eye, is she thinking about using the chocolate to claim Takeru for herself?
To grab Mizuki's attention, use fluffy animals.
Lol, no. Mizuki’s plan is to use the chocolate to confess to Fujiwara.
Not even imaginary Fujiwara cares about Mizuki's love.
She goes in and grabs for a chocolate box, but a mysterious person reaches for the same box at the same time! Who could this person who wants to make those "I love you" special chocolates be?
Care to guess who is the other person?
Well, none other than Imai Mai, of course!
Surprise! Well, not really.
What now, you ask?

Now, it’s time to speculate!

Going by this chapter, Mizuki is probably going to think Imai wants to make some chocolate for Takeru, while it’s pretty clear Imai wants to make chocolate for Mizuki.

What’s going to be interesting is what happens after this initial misunderstanding.

I imagine Mizuki is going to try to stop Imai somehow with hilarious results.

Also, Takeru will be worrying and building up more stress, but will get some chocolate by the chapter's end.

Fujiwara will be oblivious to the whole thing as usual, or she may go after Takeru again, even if she stated a few chapters back that she was over him.

It would be interesting if Asou or Yamada show up and complicate things further.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next. 

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